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RJ45 Built-in transformer application advantages

Postdate:2013-06-13 3:56:14    Hits:4197Secondary

Breakdown of the cost of traditional RJ45 mode:
A direct material costs:
1.6 4-port network adapter, priced at $ 14 Amount: 84 yuan;
2.3 2X4 RJ45 connector, priced at 7.5 yuan, the amount: 22.5 yuan;
3.LED Indicator, 72, is priced at 0.1 yuan, the amount; 7.2 yuan;
4 transformer PCB area occupied 20X5 = 100 square centimeters, priced at: 0.16 yuan; Amount: $ 16.
5.LED indicator board area of ​​50 cm2, priced at 0.07 yuan, the amount: 3.5 million.
6.4 LED indicator with 72pin pin, Price: 0.72 Amount: 2.88 yuan.
7.2 LED indicator with 72pin cable, priced about 3 yuan; Amount: $ 6.
8 three parts need welding costs, joints: 1100. Price 0.013 / point; Amount: 14.3 yuan. Total Total Cost: 156.4 yuan
Second, the indirect costs of design and operation:
1 more types of materials for product design, sample preparation, procurement, production, quality control, warehouse will increase the workload, risk and cost.
2 man-machine interface in the product design and product is not a good deal lower, it is difficult to achieve simple, elegant, beautiful, practical effect.

Triple-type RJ45 breakdown of the cost model:
A direct material costs:
1.3 triple 2X4 Rj45 connector, priced at $ 51, Amount: 153 yuan;
2.348 joints, price 0.012 / point; Amount: 4.176 yuan.
Total Total Cost: 157.2 yuan
Second, the indirect costs of design and operational advantages:
1 using triple RJ45 connector products, for high-density board, convenient
Design, reduce the difficulty and debugging difficult wiring, reducing the signal transmission line
Length, improved signal integrity, can give design engineers reduce five workers
The workload for the day. Save about $ 1500.
(2) using triple RJ45 connector products, components, also from hundreds of yuan
Devices into three components, for proofing products, this three component can also be
Removed to reuse, to reduce costs and unnecessary waste proofing.
3.PCBA simplification, reduction components, discrete components declined, you can drop
Low product failure rates and improve product quality and reliability.
4 product BOM material reduction can significantly reduce procurement, quality inspection,
Warehouses and other production systems management operational costs and risk.
5 using triple RJ45 connector products, signal lights in the port window
Mouth above or below the corresponding position indication, greatly visualize the whole product of people
Machine dialogue interface. Also beautify the appearance of the product, make the product more upscale.
In an analysis of 24 four-layer board costs for example, four RJ45 on board triple the cost advantage will be more obvious:

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