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First, the business unit
Operations Assistant 1 (male or female)
College education, e-commerce professionals, more than a year in English or website management experience, salary negotiable.

Second, the quality department
Quality Engineer 1:
College education, familiar with the product specification of the production and inspection training and acquire a certain quality tools and applications; familiar abnormality processing, communication strong adaptability; ﹑ for ISO9000 ISO14000, RoHS, REACH, halogen and other environmental regulations have certain understanding; able to work under pressure, compression and strong; relevant work experience with connectors preference.

Third, the engineering department
Process Engineer 1:
1, office software, CAD proficiency;
2, there is a strong logical analysis capabilities;
3, able to complete SOP production; analysis process and improve the poor poor technology; quality analysis can help customer action;
4, graduates, electronics, mold manufacturing, design professional, office software, CAD proficiency also;
5, a college education, there are certain basic English.

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